Some recent purchases

The Mum

Lowland Gorilla

A box of La Riqueza Nbr. 5's

a box of Cubao Lanceros

Winston Churchills Nbr. 10s

The whole package


Young Ape
How are Cubaos? I've never had one. Are they comparable to anything else in taste? That is one lovely box!

Since we're doing cigar p0rn, I had to rush home yesterday to beat my wife home for this package:

2 boxes of La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon Robustos which have become my favorite cigar lately

A fiver of Oliva V Lanceros just because

and a new V cutter again just because

I love cigar p0rn!


A monkey's uncle
Since we are sharing good tidings... the UPS and mail man have both been very good to me over the last few days... Thursday I got my new Palio cutter (from Cigarmony), a new Western Caliber III hygrometer and A BOX OF TABOO TWIST TORPEDOS!!! Friday I received my new Breville Burr Coffee Grinder (ok so it's not cigar related... but coffee is one of my beverages of choice to go with a stogie):cf. Today my new Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife showed up. Woohoo I'm dancin!! :chk