Static Feedback


Adam and Shawn Bitch4LIFE
Im currently setting up a 48qt cooler, in which I rinsed down with distilled water and non scented dish wash soap. I let my cooler air dry over the weekend and I thought it still had the plastic smell to it. So I put a box of baking soda in it, to leave it for approx. 2 days. When I opened it up just now it smells a little plastic and soappy? (sp). All the sides felt fine untill I could feel some static feedback on one side of the cooler? Any suggestions? :confused:


Pull my finger
I don't know if it will work in a cooler, but I read that a plain old rolled up newspaper will remove odors in a freezer. Could be a cheap & simple thing to try.


When I setup my coolidor, I let the cooler (brand new) air out for a couple days. I then moistened the various Spanish cedar pieces and trays. Put it all in the cooler with a couple pounds of beads (a little overkill) and let it set for a few days to stabilize. When I opened it up to check on it, it had a great smell of cedar and the RH was a dead on 70%. I never had any problems with residual smell of plastic or static electricity, even though the cooler did have a strong plastic smell when I first purchased it.

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You didn't say if you were using spanish cedar but most people rinse the cooler with water and a small ampount of bleach, air dry etc. That should take care of the smell.