Ok I broke down and bought a Stradivarius Robusto Major today, $32 plus tax so I hope is worth it. Anyone ever had one of these? I'd like some feedback on what you thought about it. Thanks


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Was not all that I thought it was going to be. And way to pricey IMHO for the quality of the cigar.


I have been predicting for a long time that these would go on deep deep discount.

Check out Jrcigars weekly special to see how far they have fallen.


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i've got two in the humidor...just can't bring myself to smoke them...i'm worried about being disapointed


Most expensive stick in my humidor is a $20 Padron 1926. I haven't smoked it yet because I'm waiting for that 'special occasion'. Even at $20, that's a helluva commitment to a cigar, I'd say!


Pipes and Pleasures in Columbus had a special last year on these because they couldn't move them...20-25 about and any size. I came close to pulling the trigger but didn't. Let me know.


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Everyday is a special day, no need to save anything :) If it strikes my fancy that day it could be a $2 smoke or a lot more expensive smoke. Life is too short to wait for a special day :tu

With that said, we smoked some of these at the shop when they decided they couldn't move them, it was decent but I felt let down just like when the Partigas 160's hit the market a couple years back at the same pricepoint


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Everybodies tastes are different, try it for yourself, you may find its all that or not. personally, i like them.