Strange Ash.


Maybe this was used as filler???:pu
That's what it reminded me of, not a two headed snake, but a snake opening its mouth ready to strike.
I wonder if the filler leaves were rolled up in tubes, and then when they were rolled into the binder they ended up evenly divided into each half of the cigar. Then when the cigar burned the two bundles of tubes must have burned at a slightly different rate causeing them to split.

Texan in Mexico

Lowland Gorilla
I was in Lima, Peru last year and there happened to be a rolling event of some kind at the LCDH at the mall there as we burned time waiting for our flight. I asked the roller from Cuba this exact question and her response is that this happens when the torcedor rolls too tightly or the leaves are not consistent in terms of aging.

I'm don't know if this is 100% correct and I'd like some more experienced BOTL to chime in.

What do you guys think?