Strongest Cigar You Have Smoked


Gentleman Jim Stogie
I had a Camacho Liberty 05 that was phenom and almost but me down for the count. I battled back and smoked again that day but it was a near thing.

Also had a DL-600 from Litto that did damn near the smae thing.


Young Ape
I had been smoking for a couple of weeks when I smoked a JFR 6x60.
It made my lips & tongue numb. It gave me the meanest stomach ache & headache ever. I was dry heaving. I thouht i was going to die that night. I swore I would never smoke another cigar again.


Young Ape
Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown. Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten anything prior to the smoke, but that thing hit me like a ton of bricks. It had me nervous to some even a mild cigar the next day.


Joya De Nicaragua Antano
La Flor Dominica Double Ligero
Got to try others still.

Opus X Isn't that strong to me,The JDN and LFD are way stronger.


Newbie in the jungle
I had an CAO LX2 that I got at the show in Las Vegas and that killed me. I love strong cigars but that was too much.


Will Herf for Food....
CAO Vision dont believe me ask 357....he witnessed me get glassy eye
I was there. He was buzzin on nicotine no doubt.

I think the Patagas Black are probably the strongest. I've had the JDN Antano (love it), LFD Double Ligero, and most of the rest mentioned and I lean toward the black as the strongest. I enjoy them all. I've also learned to enjoy some less potent sticks too. Stength is ok, but strength with complexity and full flavor is the best.


P.S. I have to mention I haven't had the chisel yet. I only mention it since it was listed multiple times in this thread.


It was an MonteCristo from a far away place. I had very little in my stomach and it kicked me in posterior. Oh Yeah!:tu


Young Ape
i agree with the taboo sfo. i couldnt finish that one. just not my cup-o-tea.
party blacks are strong, jdn's, pepin cuban classic was pretty strong too.

none of them had me buzzin though, ive been smoking cigarettes for 4 or so years.


Man O' Gar
DPG Cuban Classic Black label after a light lunch... I thought I was going to toss, chunder, chuck, shout "Buick" in the bushes, etc.

Tasted great, but put down for the count.

Edit: I watched a dude INHALE on a chisel the other day. Just watching that made me throw up a little in my mouth.
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Maturing Primate
Mine is a toss up between an early '80s Davidoff 5000 and a Punch Ninfa on the CC side.

NC wise, I would have to go with the Illusion ~mk~ ultra...this stick is a punch packer; this coming from a guy whom used to smoke a DL700 before breakfast every morning.