Strongest cigar you've ever smoked


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litto gomez, something i forget the name but it was the size of a robusto.. the only time a cigar made the room spin for me.


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The strongest I've ever smoked was some ridiculous creation that Gilbert Oliva put together when we were in Nicaragua a couple weeks ago. It was designed for our Sales Manager becuase he just loves strong cigars. So Gilbert made something that was supposed to make him puke. Needless to say, he smoked all of his, I smoked about a 1/3 and it was way too much for even me. Clipped it and gave it to someone else. Well it had been clipped a couple times and passed around and I got it back with about an inch and a half left and took one puff and WOW. After that, I didn't touch it.

Now if were going regular production cigars, it would be either an El Cobre, Pepin Black or a Graycliff Double Espresso.


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I'll have to ask Ratters. I'll PM you with the info!
That looks like the DPG Blue from last year, new ones have a slightly different label.

For me, Litto Gomez Diez Cubano. I have some LGD Chisels hiding but am afraid to smoke them. I think they may the LFD's taste like candy canes!
Also, the LGC Reserve was very strong. Have some Mombacha Thermonuclear's coming!!!!:ss


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What kind of Don Pepin is that pictured? it doesn't look like a regular blue label to me.

Ratters says, "Hmmm, as far as I know it's just a DPG Blue Lable Generoso size. At least that's what it says on the box."

Thanks for the quick reply, Ratters!!!

...and thanks for the help Bobarian. BTW-Congrats on 1200+ RG!!!


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Padilla Signature 1932 actually hurt my mouth/tongue it was so spicy! Only stogie I quit smoking because it was so unpleasant!


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I'm taking notes. I like nicotine, as long as it's not in fatal doses. The best buzz I can remember right now was from a San Cristobal. I have smoked lots of strong tasting cigars that were weak in nic and visa versa.

worr lord

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I'm weird with cigars. LFD Double Lig chisels were my go-to smoke for months, and I have no problem handling them before lunch on an empty stomach, but things like Opus X Perf. 5's will end up putting the hurt on me.


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I hear you all on LFD cigars. In fact, the Dl 700s are probably the strongest cigar they make. They are way stronger than the chisels, especially in Maduro. That said, they are still no the strongest. I have not had a Cohiba Siglio V in a while, but they were really strong. But, the strongest non-habana cigar has to be the Camacho Black label Titan.

This cigar will knock you on your ass. I prefer to have it after a meal to keep the cigar in check. Now, i saw someone mentioned the Camacho Triple Maduro (great picture). They are strong and quit choice, but they are not nearly as strong as the CamachoTitan.

I constantly confer with my strong cigar smoking friends Big solid dude who smoke DL700s for breakfast and Smoke the Titan early day no meal, and they all agree the Triple Maduro lacks a little in strength, comparatively.

I hope this helps. this i s a great question by the way. love reading the ideas.
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The strongest cigar I've had is probably the Coyolar from Camacho. I'm not turned off by strong though, in fact I use the coyolars paired with coffee as breakfast most days. That starts the day out right.


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I'm weird with cigars. LFD Double Lig chisels were my go-to smoke for months, and I have no problem handling them before lunch on an empty stomach, but things like Opus X Perf. 5's will end up putting the hurt on me.
So true--I suppose it has to do with individual body chemistry. Some people consider the VSGs to be powerhouses, but I consider them a medium-bodied smoke. Same with the Opus X... I recognize the strength is there, but it doesn't seem to affect me all that much. Yet certain LFDs are just too much (except the factory press, which is just great)


Before reading this post my strongest was probably the Joya De Nicaragua Antanos and something a guy gave me once in New Orleans (it kills me I don't know what exactly it was)....but you guys inspired me to go on a mid-day Tinderbox run for some LFD's. I bought me and my friend a DL-700 each and was going to get a chisel but they were out. I'm lookin forward to tonight because I love strong cigars and I'm hoping this will be as strong as it sounds.


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Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 or Coronado by La Flor. Both left me feeling pretty :hn in the stomach and head area.....