Sunday afternoon Herf


Ahhh what a great hit about 15-16 C (59-60 F) on my deck today so it was a perfect afternoon for a cigar

Here are some pic of me and my buddy Shaun....I am in the redish/orange shirt

Shaun smoked a AF Cuban B and I smoked my first Padron 5000.....Wow what a great smoke. I really enjoyed it.

Not the greatest pics (My 13 year old daughter took them) but enjoy! Wish you were all here.....what a HERF that would be! :w



In my office at the Bing
Looks like some herfin in the sun was done.

Nice. Good cigars and good friends. Nothing better.


Nice to see you had some warm weather. It was cold and rainy here in Ontario all weekend.
Looks like you were having a great time! Wish I was there.


Alpha Silverback
Looks like alot of fun!

It went from lots of bugs to too cold where I live. I still enjoy a nice smoke on a walk though.