Superbowl Smoke Selection


Evolving Lead Gorilla
What special sticks will my fellow People of the Leaf be torching this Sunday as you watch the Patriots eat shovels of used Kitty Litter?


Will be making a run to my local favorite smokeshop in the am for Sunday cigars. Thinking about a LFD chisel in natural, maduros unavailable, la aurara maduro, might break down and go for a Graycliff , Padron, etc. Who knows,...that's what makes it fun. As to who wins the game, you might be right about the outcome, but I will root for a coonass over a yankee , coonass being a redneck with an accent, every time. Go Panthers! Frank B


Young Ape
Hmmmm, what to smoke, what to smoke?:confused: Well I want something that's going to kick my butt like the Pats are going to do to the guys from Carolina, so it will prolly be an Opi Super Beil, or an ISOM ('98) most likely...:D
NONE, the time difference and fact that i won't be around any fuggin american TVs will allow me to miss yet another SB!! :c

i might be able to watch world cnn and look at their sports ticker before i head down to munich airport at 5am. the game should just be getting over at that time, or almost.

i might try my first ever RyJ Beli (cuban) the night prior, though. :D


Maturing Primate
I smoked a Fuente 8-5-8 Flor Fina maduro that really impressed me. It started out a little mild and didn't produce much smoke but about a 1/3 in to it, the flavor (and amount of smoke) exploded and I was treated to a very pleasurable experience. I paired it with a couple of Guinness Extra Stouts. The cigar lasted practically the entire second half of the game. I will certainly have to get a few more of these sticks!


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Mine was an Arturo Fuente Celebration even though the underdog Panthers ate EAGLE! :D I couldn't understand why the Panthers coach kept going for 2 point conversions. The score would've been a lot closer had they just booted the P.A.T.'s Fourth Quarter was the best and the Halftime BOOBY BOO BOO made for an interesting start to the second half! :D

I smoked an Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Sun Grown and Opus X Petite Lancero. Both GOOD CHET! :D


Evolving Lead Gorilla
In terms of drink, my friend, Mike H. dubbed the MOJOTO Master played around with his CONCOCTION and still didn't get it right! :D He purchased "ORGANIC Mint" which ended up being the weak link to his drink. Nonetheless Mojotos and cigars were good.:D


Had a Padron 3000 and a CAO Mx2 while sitting in the bleachers at the no. 16 tee at the FBR (Phoenix) Open.

After the round, went to the local sports bar and had another Padron while watching the Panthers drop 2-pointers like $10 ho's and catching a little Janet 'Boobie' Jackson.


Young Ape
i decided i would smoke only padrons.......burned a 4000,a magnum and a 1926............i can`t say enough about padron cigars


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Brandon said:
What is a Mojoto? Is it a spin-off of the Mojito?
Mojoto - When a male of a feminine nature tries to create a mojito and miserably fails. (Used in a sentence) Brandon couldn't make a mojito properly, thus he will be dubbed and forever known as THE MOJOTO MASTER!!! ;) :D