Surgery time, yikes!


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Having had 2 total hip replacements after a Doc finally found the problem I was relived of the constant pain. I really did not know how bad it was until after the surgery and it was gone. I hope the same type of relief and a speedy recovery as well:tu

ask for aqua thearpy it's the best to help the joint heal fast and with the most flexablity


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They said beginning of Oct, Tom.
Right ON! Three plus weeks to stock the Darrell Lair with the right stuff for a couple weeks in your Lazyboy!

I'm really glad you kept after them to get this scheduled, but then we would not expect less. :tu

Bring on the MBD Cremosas! YES! :r


Darrell, some prayers and good vibes coming from here for successful surgery and recovery. I wish you the very best. :tu

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The Very Best to ya Darrell, and here's hoping for your fast recovery!!! Just take it easy and your strength will guide you!



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Well I talked to the surgical scheduler today, it's set for 10/28. That gives me a little over a month, which is good - I want to go to Vegas next month, so this will give me time. :D


DarreLL, best of luck. As I told you before I am in your corner. I am confident you will be better in the long run. Let me know if there is anything you need:tu