Taboo Cigars - about to order more!!

Texan in Mexico

Lowland Gorilla
Good evening to all!

I wanted to share a little with you all regarding the good folks over at Taboo.

I ordered some 20 cigars from Rob a few weeks ago and they arrived here to Mexico and my first impression was - man this is a cigar!

I won't bore everyone with my impressions but all I can say is Wow!

I got 14 Twists and 6 of some he had on special and the Twists are gone except for one I'm saving for Monday when I arrive to Miami.

I will be doing a review on the others as you requested Rob - I had to plow through the 10 Twists and I gave a few to some friends.

For those of you that have not ordered, do so, of course after I get my next order in.

Great sticks and top notch customer service.

Big thanks to Rob, Patrick and Connie!