Taboo Limited Reserve Maduro Figurado


I love Pepin & Tatuaje
So, I smoked another Taboo Limited Reserve the other day, and this was was the Maduro Figurado, so I thought I would put it up here for the other gorillas to check out!

Pre-Light: When I pulled this cigar out of the cello, the first thing I noticed was how well shaped this cigar was. The shape was very cool looking, and the cigar itself was close to flawless, with only a couple small veins showing. I ran this cigar the length of my nose, and got lots of woody/cedar notes, along with some leather. I could tell this was one cigar that I was really going to enjoy. The cigar had a nice oily sheen to it, and a nice dark brown wrapper.

1/3: As I lit up and started in on this cigar, the first flavors I got were the same cedary/wood flavors, with some leathery notes on the finish. The finish was fairly short, which is something I enjoy in all my cigars. The ash was pretty firm, but as is the habit with most of the cigars I smoke, I knocked the ash off after just a short while, to make sure I didn't drop any in my lap or on my computer :hn . The smoke coming from this cigar smelled great and was very abundant. The burn was a little wavy, and crooked, but that might have been my fault, and its not bad enough to make me upset. So far I am really enjoying this smoke.

2/3: As I got down to about the middle of this cigar, I still had the same flavors, but they were working on switching spots. The leather flavors came to the foreground, and the cedar/wood flavors kinda faded into the background. The burn was still a bit wavy, but nothing to be concerned about. The smoke was still very abundant and still smelled great. At this point, I am already considering buying some more of these. They are very enjoyable!

3/3: As I was finishing up this cigar, I was still getting the great wood/cedar flavors, with the leather flavors mixed in, but on this last third, another flavor joined in, peppery spice. I got a bit of peppery spice on the finish now, and it was a welcome mix of flavors. The burn continued wavy, but not so much to bother me. The smoke was still abundant, and the flavors were great all the way down to the end.

Overall Impression: Overall, this was a very good smoke. I thought that the connecticut wrapper was going to be my favorite of the bunch, but I found that I enjoy the Maduro more than the connecticut, but they are both very tasty. In my opinion, these cigars are worth every penny from Rob and Crew at Taboo! :tu



I recently received my first order of cigars from Rob (the first of many thanks to the excellent service) and have since been letting the cigars rest after their 10 day trek to the arctic.

Having read this very well written review I am wishing they would hurry up and acclimate already so I can give them a try!


I have to laugh because I came upon this reveiw as I am sitting on my back porch, smoking the exact same stick. :ss

I have to agree with Porigitty's review totally, although I'm only 1/2 way through my smoke. I also agree that I'm enjoying the maduro much more than the Havana wrapper that I smoked last night.

The Havana that I tried late yesterday evening was possibly wrapped too tight; I had to use my probe to loosen the filler enough to even get any smoke through it. The flavor was good, but when you feel like you are smoking through a pinched soda straw, it takes away some of the enjoyment of tasting the cigar itself. :hn I have another Havana that I'll try soon; hopefully it will be a much better stick.

I'm loving the Maddie right now! :tu


I haven't tried any of the Taboo line. Reviews like this make me anxious to ordere some.
Definately order some sticks from Taboo! Rob and his guys are top-notch with their customer service. :tu

While my favorite is the Taboo Twist (I've bought 3 boxes of Toros since I first ordered my sampler and I've given almost a box away to fellow gorillas and non-gorillas), the Limited Reserve is right up there as my # 2. And #3 is the is the connie wrapped sticks.

Step right up and let me give you a little push down the slope! :ss


I just finished LR Maddie Figurado....

I don't usually use my nub tool, but this one was too good to waste any of it!! :tu

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I have smoked a few of these now - Maduro and Havana and have to agree that the Maduro is more to my liking but the Havana has been good as well.

I have had no draw problems and the construction on the three I have smoked is impeccable - theres bound to be a construction error every once in a while though.

Pastor Mike

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Outstanding review and thanks so much for taking the time and attaching the pictures. Going to have to order a box now... so much for telling the wife I was done buying for a while. Oh.. and NEAT nub tool.. what is that... makes my offical scientifically bent paperclip look a little lackluster if you know what I mean.:D


I love Pepin & Tatuaje
And I yours my friend.. I am really liking these LR's.. I may have to stash away a box or two.. Thus far, the maduro has been my favorite.


Maturing Primate
I just received my first Taboo's in the mail yesterday!
I finally broke down after all the peer pressure and great reviews like these!
I was going to let them rest but I don't know if I can wait now! :dr