Taking the cooler on a road trip.


CS Chat Lurker
On the 27th we're going to be visiting the in-laws for about 10 days (in my case, this is a good thing :tu). I don't want to leave the A/C running at home, so I figured I'd take my cooler with me on the 7hr road trip. Besides, it'll make it easier to share some sticks with my father in law.

Is this a non-event, or are there things I should be worried about? If you believe the weather forecast that far out it should be in the high 70's and sunny the whole trip. I was a little worried about stopping to eat for 30 minutes and having the car warm up, or having the single sticks do gymnastics while driving (I don't have any trays yet).



Alpha Silverback
Try putting all you singles into large Freezer bags so they don't bang aroud so much. I think if they are packed snugley you should be fine. If you have any, you could also throw some bubble wrap into the cooler to take up the extra space, so they don't have so much room to move around in.


My Other Brother Darrell
If you put them in Five Finger Bags that should keep them from getting damaged (just leave them unzipped for humidity)!

You could also get some air pillows and put them around your cigars, that may prevent them from moving as well!

Sorry Grant!!! I guess I posted mine around the same time!!! We are equally smart!!! LOL


Alpha Silverback
I would make sure not to keep it in direct sunlite, let's say if you go out for gas or other business, traffic etc... and bring it in to a cool place when you arive.


CS Chat Lurker
I don't have any 5-finger bags (waiting for the next GB), but I like the freezer bag idea.

I think I'll move them into a slightly smaller cooler, snugly pack the singles into ziplocks and stick to fast food to make sure they don't sit in the car too long and heat up.

I assume it's ok to put non-celo'd singles together in a bag as long as I put them in carefully and they can't move around too much?

Thanks for the advice! :ss


Take the cooler--I have taken my cooler the last 2 times I drove from PA to Playa Del Carmen Mexico--5 days travel and my stash has been fine both times. I can indulge in my slide down the slope without worrying about Fake CC's or payin twice what they are worth.---Take the cooler


Lowland Gorilla
take one of those big hot cold bags and freeze it or put ice in it for a while so it gets cold...then put cigars in little bags and into that thermo bag...that should keep it cool


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I honestly think your cooler will be fine no matter where you put it. Your home with the AC off :tu or in the car for a sit down meal :tu. Just as long as you don't leave it in the sun, you should be all good. After all, it is a cooler. :2