Tampa Sweethearts


I just finished smoking the first TS 380 M from a bundle I recieved earlier this week. I was quite surprised by how good this cigar is. Maybe my new go-to stick. These get any better with some age on them? Might have to buy another bundle of these babies! Any other recommendations from the TS line? :w

Ms. Floydp

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We don't keep them long enough to get any age on them..LOL.. Frank smokes the 500's and I like the 50's.


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I have no hard evidence because like the wifey says they don't live long in these parts but I do have a sneaky suspicion they might get very close to the 858 Flor Fina maduros. Only difference I see in the two are the 858's have some spiciness to them. :2


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Couldn't tell ya about age either :r (to damn good)

But I go towards the #280 when I order:)

As a matter of act 5 of these guys are coming with me for xmas rounds today.