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I like the Havana VI Victorias the best. These were my first foray into the smaller ring guages and a tasty smoke.


brown labels are still top notch. had a cojo 03 this week that was fresh and had a darker than normal wrapper. it was delish! felt no need to let it dry as is sometimes thought to be the case.
and a +1 on new havana. their prices were better than the other website discussed as far as i could see. not to mention their selection. all things pete and pepin, and not to forget illusione!!


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Havana VI Nobles or Hermosos are excellent smokes. If you have extra cash, grab a couple brown labels and give them a try as well. A little more full bodied smoke though, not sure if thats your thing or not.


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Skip the white label start with the reds then move to the browns. Along the way you will find many new friends.


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Tatuaje Noella............ perfect size format such a fullbodied flavorful smoke. Seems to me in my limited ISOM experience, the most similar in character. This ain't the reason why I love them, but it happened to work out that way. Awesome smoke.


Regios or Unico, both brown label.

In the cabinet series I like the 2003 the best.

And, if you can get them the Black Label is a sweet smoke, if not a bit overpriced.



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Not seen these at my local B&M else I'd give them a try. I'm fairly fond of bold and in your face flavors. Any suggestions?


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I think the place with the best Tatuaje prices is http://www.thepartysource.com

They have the best prices on most cigars. I only deal with them :tu

For Tats, consider http://www.cigarplace.biz. I tried the Party Source, but found Cigar Place came in 10-30 bucks cheaper per box. Picked up a box of Angeles last week.



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Found this floating around my photobucket account. Used to be on the tatuaje website...

Probably a year or two old but gives you and idea of strength...



PSHC - Vandy's B*tch
This is a copy and paste from vitolas.net

Tatuaje Thermonuclear
Cigar name: Tatuaje Thermonuclear
Vitola: 6 ½" x 52
Wrapper: Nicaraguan grown Corojo
Binder: Unknown
Filler: All ligero
Released: "unreleased", c. 2005
Quantity: ~100
Rarity: 4/10

Notes: This Tatuaje Thermonuclear cigar is the same vitola and blend as the regular production Tatuaje Cojonu 2003, except that the filler is 100% ligero. It is reportedly an extremely strong cigar.

These were created largely as a "joke" cigar blend (because they are so strong) that Pete Johnson brought with him to store events at a couple of cigar shops in Hawaii. Only around 100 Tatuaje Thermonuclears were ever rolled.

All the Tobacco used in the Tatuaje Cigars are 1st Generation Cuban Seed, Grown in Nicaragua. The Cigars are rolled in classic Cuban Tradition by Eight Master Rollers in Little Havana Miami, FL U.S.A. Headed by Maestro Tobaquero Jose Garcia the cigars are rolled with a beautiful Cuban Triple Cap


I like spicy food and full bodied cigars... However, it's my guess that this is akin to a spoonful of white pepper on the back of your tongue. Sure, it's gonna be spicy, but it's probably gonna taste like a$$
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