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Texan in Mexico

Lowland Gorilla
Good evening BOTL and SOTL,

Like many here, I have been smoking cigars for several years (about 15 more or less) and once I was turned on to Club Stogie I have increased the number of sticks I smoke and the variety.

As my interest grew and I began to make some great friendships here I got more and more involved. I have learned so much and realized that there is so much more to learn. I have been to the Dark Side many times and am not convinced but that is a topic for a different day.

I went out and bought a mini-wine cooler and beads and have a beautiful humidor that my girlfriend got me for Christmas too so its nice that she supports what has become a passion of mine.

Today is kind of a landmark day for me, a paradigm breaker, a day that has opened a whole new world to me, and it may be hard to understand for those of you that live inside the USA.

I travel to the States every few months or so for meetings and can only legally bring back 25 sticks at a time. As you can imagine, 25 sticks every two or three months doesnt give me much room for error.

I can get some great sticks as well here in Cancun at the Casa Habano but it can get really pricey at the rate I am smoking.

And Mexican cigars, though if they are well kept can be tasty, are almost never found in good condition and are a hit or miss proposition at best nowadays.

I have ordered from different folks and received a couple packages from Eric over at Kioki but my problem is that it took forever to get the sticks (5 or 6 weeks!!!).

I have even been bombed a couple times but again, it takes such a long time for them to arrive and it is always a crapshoot on whether the merchandise actually arrives safely to me (lots of packages dissapear).

Today I got two big, white boxes with Priority Mail written on them, I can only compare it to how The Ringo Kid felt when the Cavalry arrived and helped him avoid a nasty end versus Geronimo and his warriors (if I lost you here its okay, I really like old movies and this one, Stagecoach, is a classic for me).

Inside of these two white boxes were 60 of the finest reasons to take an extra long lunch!

A box (20) of Taboo Twists Toros (6 x 58)
(20) Taboo Lanceros
(8) Taboo SFO (5 x 54)
(5) Oliva G Torpedos
(5) Padron Anni 64s

I know this may not seem like a big deal as most of you can buy, sell and trade with ease knowing that your packages will arrive in a timely manner but its a different world down here.

This is the third shipment from Rob that got down here in about a week and what this means is that I now have a reliable source for some great cigars that I know will make it to me in a timely fashion.

I can now load up!

It has been said time and again - but Rob and his team do a first class job. From the customer service, to the billing, to the bubble wrap and packing that can go through Mexican Customs and not be worse for the wear and his cigar club.

A class act from start to finish.

There are some okay options when buying cigars, and there are some good options too - but remember good is the enemy of great. For me, small errors are magnified so much due to the complicated route my cigars take that I am convinced that Rob and his team are GREAT! And this is why I will go sit in the back yard with Hope the Wonder dog and enjoy one of my Padrons.

Thank you to all who have read this and thank you to the team at Taboo!




Horny for Zorny
Taboo is an awesome company. I know more than a few that can learn from his example.