The Newbie 125 Cigar Setup!


Newbie in the jungle

I am in Terra Incognito on the other site of the jungle where i cannot buy cigars. Thus, I am having a bulk order, 125 brought to me...I figured that I may need a Humidor and all the other good stuff to keep my smokes in order.

If anyone has any suggestions on budgeting this and waht needs to be done, but may be disposable ( I may have to toss the humidor or leave it behind when traveling/moving)

I've gathered that these are the main components

1. Humidor
2. Humidifier (Silicon Beads, multiples within a large one, etc)
3. Activator solution

Is there any other option besides this?? Can i just store them in an airtight plastic box with some water pillows?



Young Ape
you can build a coolerdor or a tupperdor. You just need a cooler/tupperware, beads and a hygrometer and you are ready.
USe the search function and stickies for more information.


More cigars Sanchez!
NewToCigars said:
Can i just store them in an airtight plastic box with some water pillows?

Yes, you can. I use a water pillow in my coolers with no problems at all. If you use something like tupperware that is very, very airtight monitor the humidity because a pillow will make the rh very high and you will have to pull it out untill the rh calms down.

BTW, do not use "solution" with beads. Only dist. water.


I'd suggest that you use beads. I started out with the humidifiers that came with my humidors; they are filled with green foam that you can soak with solution or distilled water (better and cheaper). I found that I was constantly having to mainain the humidifiers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis! :confused:

I switched over to beads and I hardly ever have to do anything. Maybe once a month or so I spray the beads and they're good for another month or so. I even followed the instructions in one of the threads here to replace the green foam with beads in my himidifiers - they work great! :tu

When you decide to buy a humidor, go bigger than what you decide you need - you will find that you need the extra space soon, if not right away. That's why so many gorillas end up building cooladors to store their extra boxes and loose sticks!

Good luck as you slide down the slope! :ss