Third times the charm/ How long will you deal with a stick you are not enjoying?


Conservative Stud
I'm have only been smoking cigars regularly for about 3-4 months. Only off and on the past 12 years. I have never chunked a cigar without finishing, cause I'm cheap, untill this past weekend. My uncle gave me some Free Cuba torpedos. Thought I would give it a shot while mowing the lawn. Got about an inch in and there was now way I could continue. I didn't think it could be that bad, I was wrong. If it is a "tolerable" stick I will hang in there. Free Cuba, chunk them before you light 'em. The only way I could describe the tase would be amonia and fish. yum!


Newbie in the jungle
I generally read reviews or ask opinions (those of similar taste) before purchasing anything. If I buy it, I smoke it 'till the end.


Young Ape
Im a newb so most of the sticks if not all of the sticks I've smoked have been researched here at CS:tu If im not digging it I give it until a little past half way before I toss it (which has only happend once so far)


Maturing Primate
I have learned over the years to avoid the hype and now purchase only those cigars I truly enjoy. The exception is new ones I buy or am gifted to try. As soon as I realize that I'm not enjoying one of those they get tossed doesn't matter where it came from or what it cost. Life is to short.


Chestbeating Pack Leader
I actually experienced this dilemma yesterday.

I typically only smoke once a week on Sundays. So I typically grab something I like and know I will enjoy. Then when my wife is out of town and I smoke a little more, I try cigars I keep in my misc. box. That way if I don't like them, I can pitch them and try another one an hour later.

Yesterday, I decided to go against my rule and try a 601 green label habano oscuro la punta I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I had the 601 blue label maduro a while back and it wasn't bad. I had been wanting to try another 601 for some time, so I decided to grab this one.

That is the last time I go against my rule. :hn This cigar was a little too full for me and very rough. I really wanted to get through this one, but after 1/2 an inch I couldn't take it anymore and did not want to ruin my chance to smoke a cigar I would actually enjoy.

I put it out and went in to grab another one. Unfortunately, it took me half way through the second cigar to finally get the taste of the 601 out of my mouth. It ruined my smoking experience for Sunday.

I have one more in a different size, so hopefully it will be better. Unfortunately, it is going to have to wait until my wife goes out of town for business before it gets smoked. :D


Seven Down 33 to Go
If it ain't doin it I ain't smokin it.

If a stick isn't hitting the spot I won't give it more than an inch. I am the same way with wine and food. Life is precious, moments are fleeting, I try to make them all as good as possible.

As long as there is choice, I am choosing