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I strongly suggest that you never do business with them. i made a purchase and it never showed up and then they refuesed to credit my account. i finally got them to credit my account when i filed a complaint with the BBB.

just an FYI be careful. they might have some nice samples at good prices but you will never get them


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That sucks, glad you were able to eventually get your money back. I think the standard rule on the board is to avoid Thompson at all cost.


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i know that now. i am not one to take advice from people most of the time but i will start doing that now.

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I've gotten two samplers from them with no problems, but I'll be avoiding them for real orders after hearing your story and others.


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had a similar problem w/Ebay, paid for item, never rcv'd, filed claim & won, never refunded by seller, reversed $$$ back to my bank, Ebay threatens a suit aginst me, notify BBB, Ebay drops suit against buyer (me)
Only thing worse would have been to actually have gotten them. Other than brand samplers as intro's to the cigar smoking world, Thompsons is not high on the preferred vendor list for most.


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i was ordering some stuff to send to stitch that he could send over seas. i told them that and made them fell real bad. they suck. i will never do business when them again. i canceled my catalog mailings and everything contact that i got from them is no longer


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Used them when I was a newbie. Never had a problem, though I have heard many, many horror stories from other people. I would never buy from them again just because they sell lesser cigars for the premium price. For example they sell a CAO Gold for a Brazilia price. They push the house brands that are pretty much worthless.

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I did business with Thompsons for years without a problem. Their prices aren't outrageous and their quality is good.

OTOH, their own brand smokes are pretty nasty, they're not always clear about which cigars are theirs, and their advertising copy is a joke.
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To Thompson's credit, they sent me 200 misc sticks free of charge for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball this year. I've also gotten 2 decent humidors from them in the past. All that said, it isn't a site I would go to to buy cigars for myself, there are too many other, better sites out there.

Just my :2


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I have purchased a few samplers from them, but other than extremely slow shipping I've not had a problem. And there Thompson Manolet is the worst cigar I've ever smoked!!!!!


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i don't think i've ever heard anything good about these guys.
glad to hear you got your $$ back though.


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I have ordered twice from thompsons. First time was a bundle of their top of the line smokes....IE dogrockets! Second purchase was my humidor, which included 75 smokes, I'll not even refer to them as cigars. I've had Swishers that tasted better. I love the humidor though, and it has done well for me. As far as cigars though....I don't know about their premiums, but their house brands SUCK! This is just my :2 from personal experience.


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Though their house brands and prices might be crummy, I have had lots of casual smoking friends use Thompson's and never have heard of a problem. I guess when a company fills tens of thousands of orders a year, they are going to make a few mistakes. Glad you ultimately got satisfaction.


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i've done biz w/ thompson for about three years. although i don't use them much anymore i never had a problem w them b4. now i just get my full boxes of padron annis from them which they seem to have in stock @msrp and utilize the 3 payments, 0 intrest, plan.


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They seem to have better deals on accessories and such than actual cigars. Maybe that's how they stay in business...


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Their marketing rep offered me a free sampler when I first started to post on cigar forums. He wanted me to try them out and post what I thought.

That was over three months ago and I still have not seen the sampler. I emailed him after 6 weeks and he said that they would be sent out right away. Here it is 6 weeks later and still nothing.

Oh well. From what I hear I am not missing much.


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I'm thinking that Thomson's must be aware of all the postings and extremely negative commentary on CS. I am surprised that they do notpost themselves, or respond in any way to what is being said here. Has anyone received PM's from them?
I can only assume that they do so much volume that they are not worried by what is being said here.
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Thomson's - do you have any response?:SM