Thoughts and Prayers for GGainey's Fam


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Sent Vin a PM with this info but thought I would post here as well.

Words can't express what all of yall mean to us. It is a terrible tragedy, and then we were so far from home. I am currently in Graham, NC. Hope to make it home by dark.

The Funeral is planned for Saturday at 2 PM, at our church in Taylor, Florida. Not sure if anyone is close enough to try to come, if you do call me at 904-626-3234 or 904-259-9303 and I will give you directions. If you want to send flowers the funeral home is Guerry Funeral Home in Macclenny, Florida 32063.

Appreciate the prayer and well wishes, and by the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ we will walk through this dark valley.

Greg and Janice Gainey


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Words can't express the sorrow I felt upon reading the thread, Greg. Please take care of Janice, and know the people of CS are here for you, whatever you need.


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Received a PM from Greg this morning. Things are going along as best they can in this situation. The CS support means more to him then you know. Keep them in your prayers.


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Greg, I can't even begin to imagine the tragedy you and your family are dealing with. But you will get through it. Keep your chin up, and please let us know if we can do anything.

Take care buddy. We're still praying for your family.