Thoughts and well wishes welcomed.


Its ok, just blame me.
An good friend of mine and a long time CS member (Mark aka Havanaaddict) here in SoCal and is also a long time member of the SoCal Patio Posse who helped a great deal with the planning and organizing of the recent SoCal MegaHerf 9 and many of our past events, recently sent me this email (see below). He had missed the post-herf event, and it was really unknown why to me until I recieved the email. Please keep him in your thoughts if possible. Thanks in advance.

I have been in the hospital with Ketoacidosis. Diabetic ketoacidosis develops when you have too little insulin in your body. Without enough insulin, sugar (glucose) can't enter your cells for energy. Your blood sugar level rises, and your body begins to break down fat for energy. This produces toxic acids known as ketones. Left untreated, diabetic ketoacidosis may cause you to lose consciousness. Eventually, untreated diabetic ketoacidosis can be fatal.

I think it started on sat and lots of vomiting all day sun & mon, I couldn't keep anything down including liquids and didn't take any of my insulin shots. I ended up very dehydrated I did not want to go to the hospital as most of you know I lost my Health Ins when my wife lost her job!!! But my Wife said you have to go to the hospital. In the ER they said my blood sugar was over 1050!!(The normal blood sugar range is between 80-120)They put me in ICU and put me on a saline drip of 200% and extremely unpleasant catheter. My kidneys were close to failure and a real concern!!! The doc say's I am a lucky SOB and it looks like my kidneys are will come back to a 100% I will be re-tested in a few weeks.

Jenny send me your addy and I will send you your humidor!!!
P.S. What was the grand total we rasied?
Thanks for all the help on Socal 9 I think everyone had a great time!!!

Jay Hemingway

Hey there friendo...
many of my family members deal with diabetes, so this hits close to home. i truly hope he gets better and has a speedy recovery.
my prayers are with him, and his family.


Admiral Douche Bag
Mark is just a wonderful guy, and I was happy to hear he was already on the mend when I got this news yesterday....Mark, you are in my thoughts, Brother.


Nice Jungle Ya Got Here
Oh man, I call that dodging a bullet.

Glad you are on the mend, Mark. Thoughts and prayers and karma are online for you, bro. You are one tough dude to survive a 1050 blood sugar.


Elder Jungle Leader
Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.. I hope by the time I'm writing this you are home resting/recovering.

God Bless,