Thoughts for my Mother

Don Fernando

Lowland Gorilla
Asking my friends here to please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers. She passed away this weekend. Guess that I was lucky to have her around as long as I have. For obvious reasons will not be around much this week.

I'm sorry for your loss, take care buddy!


Rock a mullet like a STAR
Be strong Paul...just remember the happy times with her and know she's smiling down on you and your family.


Elder Jungle Leader
Thanks to all of you here, at least I had 56 years with her. The worst part is now the waiting for the funeral. She has to be transported to Portland, ME from Wayland, MA and the funeral is not until Saturday. I will be glad when this is over and we can look at closure. This was not unexpected but not as soon as it happened. Thanks again. Paul


Admiral Douche Bag
If there is anything you need in the meantime, Paul, please ask. I will be thinking of you, and saying prayer for your Mother, during this time.