Tight draw on Padilla's????


Hi Gang,

I have tried several Padilla Obsidians and they all have a tight draw...I have an Aristocrat Humidor which stays at 68/66 and everyone I try is really hard to draw through....I used my Henry Tool, but after 3 puffs it blocks up...Does anyone else have this problem?????


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Obsidians need to rest a minimum of 3 monts. 6 months or more is preferred. A quick search will yield many threads on this subject. :tu


I think the Partagas Blacks and the Padillia Obsidians like 65% the best. After I clip, I test the draw. If tight, the cigar gets dry boxed. No sense in fighting a tight draw.

Sometimes the dry box works, sometimes it doesn't but you know for sure if you start a smoke with a tight draw, you're going to be doomed to disappointment.