Torrance - Cigar Emporium


Young Chimp
Cigar Emporium

(310) 320-3400
1305 Sartori Avenue Suite B
Torrance, CA 90501

Hours are usually 10-10

Personally, this place is a shell of what it used to be. They've dropped to a cash-only B&M, but the experience of the manager and stories that can be heard from the BOTL's is well worth the drop-in for a stick (or two).


I like the place, was one of the first B&M's I visited earlier this year as I became more interested in cigars. The owner gave me a great book to read on loan: How to Select and Enjoy Premium Cigars by Dale Scott.

A great read btw, that I didn't want to put down. I learned A LOT. I'm certainly not an avid reader but this read easily and was entertaining & educational.

The owner also gave me a cigar ring gauge; another very nice gesture since I was just beginning my ride on the slope.

I bought some cigars on the first trip & have been back since to return the book and to pick up some more sticks.

While I frequent another B&M that's closer to my home, the place is on my way home from work and I'd definitely go there to sit, smoke a good cigar, and watch folks wander through Old Torrance (I've heard that the Mexican restaurant at the end of the block is great too). The B&M is definitely Old School and surprisingly dark in the front room where you can sit on some comfortably used chairs and couches with a nice, light breeze blowing in through the wide open, huge shop windows (it'd be almost like you're sitting outside, in a good way).

They've also got a Members Lounge that the owner showed me but frankly, I like the front of the shop better.

They've got a walk-in humidor that isn't totally full most of the time but they've got a decent enough selection and some accessories out front.