Update...old Sailor

Old Sailor

UPDATE........after waiting in ER for 5 hours, they flooded me with 2 IV'S, took blood and xrays.....now hoping I'll pass the stones. Also have to make appointment with a urologist for scope work:hnso I'm back for now. Thanks for the kind words all.

OH YA THE SCOPE WORK IS CALLED AN ENDA SCOPE...because it goes well you figure it out :r


Support the troops!
My friend had kidney stones on more than one occasion. Last time he waited so long in ER that his kidneys almost shut down. Meanwhile, they were helping a girl with a toothache and a boy that cut his finger and assorted other aches and pains that really weren't emergencies. I was not impressed!

Glad that you are on the mend!


Admiral Douche Bag
Hoping you pass those stones faster than Rex Grossman passes the ball when the Colts defense it blitzing, Dave! ;)

Good well soon, my friend....We are here if you need us.


Flying Ape
I know your pain man, Had a stone removed via an exsisting hole, only advice I can offer is a good lazyboy chair and the fetal position in it reclined. thoughts are with you brother.


Thoughts and prayers for you, Dave.

(The emergency room should give you a pager so that you can go out and enjoy a cigar while you wait!:ss)

Old Sailor

Well, had my ultrasounds done today, still don't know....must wait for my Dr. to follow up maybe next week......I hate waiting:hn:hn