Upgrade Celebration Cigar


Under the Radar
First it will be a Monte#4, Then after dinner I think I'll go with a Boli CG. Great Job PDS and all who are involved.



an aptly named Gorilla
well its still at CI, but i just took them up on a special 'one day deal' on Gurkha Grand Envoys (15 for $44-ish) YUMMY! untill then, a nice crisp Fidalgo Negro is in order!!

and lets all welcome this guy --->:cool: he's new to Club Stogie!


Admiral Douche Bag
Right now I'm thinking a VR Clasico...but it's always a girl's perogitive to change her mind....


Chestbeating Pack Leader
I just had a Padron 3000. A half hour of nutty goodness!!!

It beat the hell out of that Bolivar I smoked during my lunchtime walk!!!