UPS shipments from CBID - Damaged?


Smokin and Jokin
I work with a guy who used to load and unload trucks for UPS. He told me never to mark Fragile on the box. They used single those boxes out for "special handling".


I HAVE had several damaged boxes delivered by UPS lately. There hasnt been any damage to the cigars but the packages have been beat up. Last week I watched a driver open the door to my front porch and throw the box 6 feet, up against the door. I did call UPS and they told me that if an uninsured box is damaged to call them. They also told me that all their drivers are very carefull and the boxes are delivered the way they pick them up. So, they are saying that these packages leave the cigar wharehouse damaged, I dont think so.

Same here, last week Brown tossed the box from the sidewalk onto the front porch.