Vinotemp - bigger not necessarily better?


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My father in law just picked up one of these 52ct Vino's for my birthday, and another for himself:

Awesome gift, at a great price from a local scratch-and-dent store. After we get home I do a little research into it, and if I'm reading things right it's not a thermo-electric model. Did I mention the store has a no-return policy?

I seem to recall non-TE coolers suck out humidity, so... how screwed are we? :hn


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well Screwed not really.....I use a normal room Fridge in the winter and while its a lil harder to control the humidity..its not impossible....

I use a timer to run mine for 15-20 mins every 3 hrs to keep it cool and have the beads under the freezer part to catch the condensation.

Good luck and there should be more info coming from more experienced gorillas



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with something that size and with a compressor, you'd probably be best off with an active humidity system, like a Cigar Oasis. All cooling systems will pull moisture out of the air, a compressor is just far more effective at cooling, so it'll pull moisture out much faster. You need to compensate for that.


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You will be fine. I have 2 compressor type winecoolers. I use Johnson temp controllers and beads. Stock it up and keep everything in boxes. The rh swings are short lived.


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Thanks for all the replies.

I've been exchanging a handful of PM's with Scott (Shilala), and I think with his knowledge I'll probably be able to make this work just fine.

Once it's all settled in I'll snap some pictures and let everybody know how it worked.