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Bill Number: HB 2422
Chief Patron: Del. Griffith


On Wednesday April 4th, the House of Delegates voted 59-40 to reject Governor Kaine's amendments to ban smoking in all Virginia restaurants through HB 2422. The bill, originally sponsored by Delegate Morgan Griffith, will now go back to Governor Kaine where he has the option to accept it or reject it. The bill basically states that businesses, tobacco shops excluded, have the right to allow smoking in their establishments by placing a "smoking permitted" sign on their door.

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Keep writing your representatives everytime one of these comes up! (I email them all, not just the one for my district)

Dear Delegate May,

I have lived in Virginia my entire life but have worked in Maryland for 15 years. This drive requires me to fight through over 1 hour of traffic in each direction (many times longer if there is in climate weather or an accident).

At times, many of my co-workers have tried to persuade me to move to Maryland to avoid this headache. I have never once considered moving to Maryland solely because I love the politics of Virginia. Virginia as a whole stands for everything I believe in and it has protected my personal liberties for as long as I have been alive.

I recently read the proposed HB2422 and I assume we are supposed to be grateful that the continued unconstitutional restriction to free enterprise and personal freedoms are being removed by a bill such as HB2422 but I somehow, I am not grateful.

The continual encroachment by government, as minor as it may seem, is symptomatic of the slow but relentless suppression of free enterprise and individual liberty that affects each and every one of us.

HB2422 will be hailed as another necessary compromise by its proponents. I say there is no compromise possible when we lose our freedom. It is a matter of degree, sometimes lesser, sometimes greater, but extremely dangerous none the less.

Consumers are more than capable of dictating to the marketplace what changes need to be made. This is evident by the fact that restaurants and cigar lounges have implemented full air exchangers for their patrons at their own accord and on their own expense, sometimes costing several hundreds of thousands in dollars.

If I wanted to live in a state where my personal liberties were of no concern to the governing body, I would move to Maryland in a moments notice but I DO care and the freedom I have in Virginia is what makes me stay. Please vote against HB2422.

Mark D. Neff

PS – Could someone please inform Delegate Jonny Joannou that the first e-mail was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 and he really should have an email address by now?


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Great letter Mark! Love your PS too.

And politicians wonder why voters think they are out of touch ... :r


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Keep writing your representatives everytime one of these comes up! (I email them all, not just the one for my district)

Well that letter is a keeper Mark! I'm saving a copy of it to plagiarize later - if ya don't mind - :D




Thanks for the update and great news. We are battling similar here in Texas. Never to late to forward another email. Thanks for including the letter.

Great P.S.



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Man.... I hope North Carolina defeats their proposed ban. They keep sending it back to committee and "tweaking" it. Scares me, man. I have written several e-mails to my rep. and even posted a link in a forum here. Hey, North Carolinians... get on the stick!