Were back from IRAQ


Young Chimp
well ladies and gentlemen the 1161 Forward Support Company is back from Iraq where I fell down the slope and tried a few different cigars while I was there looking forward to trying them in a place where the relative humidity is greater then zero lol the problem with smoking there is that even with over humidification (I kept mine at 75%) they would still fall apart in about 10 min when they completely dried out oh well they well still a wonderfull past time I cant wait to relax now that I am back in the states and just enjoy a good stogie I have a graycliff 1666 that I sent home waiting for me thanks for all of you support the troops that got to enjoy all of your generous contributions thank you and I thank you

Specialist Mansur:tu


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Welcome home. I know how good it feels to come off that plane and wrap your arms around loved ones.

I have my welcome home cigar with me. I am really looking forward to that stick.