What do all the acronyms mean?

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IHT said:
i agree... now they're changing the term "WCOPFOR" to "TEAM COE" here at BCTP.... damn, contemporary operational environment... there's nothing world class about that.
of course, at CMTC, it was just OPFOR... back when i was a VIPER (visual information personel).

those days of CQ and being the duty driver at the EAC are long gone for me.

My S2 is a little slow being OCONUS, i was not informed OPFOR had changed to either WCOPFOR or TEAM COE. It is a new army though, with IN now known as SECFOR and CSS units regularly conducting CONOPS... UAHs are being replaced by LTVs IOT become a more efficient COIN force. Instead of fighting the enemy, we are now operating through ETTs and MTTs IOT train and mentor... Well you all get the point.

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LT Rich said:
TOC = Tactical Operations Center
SECFOR = Security Forces

... awww crap, dont get the army peepz started on acronyms... itll never end! I have often thought that two army soldiers could have a conversation without ever saying a word. :tpd:

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LT ya got the right. Took me a few months when I got out to stop using them and talking normal for people to understand me. Alas I use them on my son all the time and he understands me :) Has served him well ROTC Kinda of.

His Gunny called me once and asked where the hell my son picked up all the Army gab and for me to stop before he got so FUBAR with the lingo his Marine training was going to be a wash :D

One of the best uses of them was in a Robin Williams movie:

" Excuse me, sir. Seeing as how the V.P. is such a V.I.P., shouldn't we keep the P.C. on the Q.T.? 'cause if it leaks to the V.C. he could become a M.I.A. and then we'd all be put out on K.P. "

I watched it right when it came out with a bunch of civies and they could not figure out why I laughed my butt off.

The do save time.


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ha ha, so true stacey, good quote too.. They save a whole LOT of time when writing especially!

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Thanks LastClick, pds, and all other BOTL for the acronym schooling- everything makes so much more sense now!


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I thought I was going to have to post in the newbie forum to figure out what this stuff was. I was a BOTM and didn't even know it.:w

i just had to have two of them pointed out to me as well today, in the pipe forum.

T.A.D. = Tobacco Acquisition Disorder
P.A.D. = Pipe Acquisition Disorder

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A couple more...
  • B&M = "bricks and mortar" cigar store (as opposed to an online store)
  • TFTL = thanks for the link
  • YMMV = your mileage may vary
oh, and this one's a real time saver...
  • TLA = three letter acronym


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Thanks ever so much!! For an unknown FOG, who hasn't the foggiest idea of what my kids are saying online....

Thanks so much!!


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There's a few others I've picked up as a newbie that I didn't see up above:

RG also means "Ring Gauge"
Nanners means "Banana Bunches"
CS also means Club Stogie (obvious eventually, but not at first;) )


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This one seems to be left off the list.

b&m = brick and mortor

The physical store as opposed to an online store.

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