What makes you want particular cigar?


I am Watching "Walk the Line" again and watching Reece Witherspoon sing in this movie makes me want a San Cristobal. Both are just perfect.

Has anything made you want a particular cigar?


Young Ape
Nothing too strong, nothing too mild; just right as Goldie Locks said. I want something that is made of tobacco but doesn't taste of it. It has to be complex but not too complex, but it has to have flavor, but just enough so not more or less. If all else fails, something that isn't harsh!


Walk the line is a great movie! :tu

I usually smoke something after looking in my humi's for about 5 minutes. I usually don't have anything in particular in mind.


I find I am in my car, or in a bar , or just hanging out and I suddenly feel an urge for a specific cigar (RASS, Boli PC and Cohiba are usually the suspects).

There are times I get the urge, but work does not permit a good hour so the urge passes. Later, I find myself looking into the Vino and wondering what to smoke. Those are usually the times I just go to bed and pass. I find I have to really want a smoke to enjoy it.