What was your latest booze purchase?


Aardvark Taxidermist
I purchased the following this weekend:

337 (wine)
Buffalo Trace
Stone Bastard Arrogant Ale 22 oz. x3
Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 22 oz. x2


Young Ape
Recently purchased 2 bottles of Buffalo Trace bourbon and 2 bottles of Rittenhouse Rye.

A few days before that I replenished my beer stores with: 12 pack of Sam Adams OctoberFest, couple bottles of Brother Thelonious, Duchess de Borgogne, Flying Dog Double Dog, Boulevard's Bob's '47, Kreb's brewing's Belgian-style Amber ale, and some others I can't recall!

Bob R in OKC


Will Work for Boli GM's..


Chestbeating Pack Leader
A bottle of the new, Trini Zaya.

Not bad..... hell, the same as far as I can tell.:tu

:tpd: Just got a bottle at a local store. Tastes the same to me but I don't have any for comparison. The only issue I have is the old Zaya cost only $26 and the new is on sale for $36


Managing the UnManageable
I bought a fifth of Everclear today....It's to clean my briar pipes...

I haven't had any alcohol since I've been doing Oxy and Morphine...~ 3 years
Alcohol could just ruin my day.