whats your favorite 3-4 dolar cigar

I am not new to this price range I have purchased up to 10 dollar cigars but only in quantity's up to five. I am asking because I am making a box purchase that I would like to spend about this amount. I know what I like and this is more for perspective on what you guys like personally My favorite is BBrazilian Mata Fina


Free to Choose
Padron Londres (box of 26 for about $50) or Delicias Maduro, Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild (you can get a box of 50 for around $130), 5 Vegas "A"

Texan in Mexico

Lowland Gorilla
You know I got a box of Indian Tabac Corojos and they were okay off the truck but after they sat for a few weeks they are very good. Not a kick in the pants by any stretch of the imagination but a good tasting, clean burning cigar. I got them for about 2$ usd a stick. :2


·~«{·B'lieve Hon·}»~·
DPG Blue ($4, if you catch a $100 box)
5 Vegas Miami ($2-$4 if you catch a deal)
Camacho Havana ($2-$4)
TNT JDN Alt Corona ($1)
Gran Habano Corojo #5 ($3)

Party Shorts (a little over $4)


My Other Brother Darrell
Padron Londres,
Punch Rothschild (of course) and
JM's Dominican Robusto and Toro (Sumatra) which are more like $2.00.