whats your favorite 3-4 dolar cigar


I live in southern California I have never seen a stick cheaper than $3 dollars in any B&M im talking like Fuente Exquisitos for like 2.99 to 3.5 its sucks if you live in california expext to pay double msrp in a B&M

Ive pretty much gotten my choice down to

Padron 3000 Mad
Olivia G Special g
Olivia O Perfecto
LGC Serie R Mad #6
SLR Serie G Mad #6

I am very new to Padrons (I know I Know) but whats the difference between the 2000 and the 3000?
The only difference between the 2000 and 3000 is the size, with the 3000 being larger.

Also, a qualifier--i selected padron 3000 M as my fav $3-4, however, this represents an online price. In B&Ms near me, they run more between 4-5 bucks. You can usually find a box of 3000s for around 100 bucks, cheaper when there is a sale--like now--taboo is running their coupon again in the retailer section, 30 bucks off 100 bucks. just smoked a 3000 M the other night and remembered yet again why they are a great smoke, especially with a little age on them.
The only difference between the 2000 and 3000 is the size, with the 3000 being larger...
I didn't notice for some reason I thought they were same but they are indeed different. Famous and CI both have different box counts and prices with CI being better in both aspects, except for the fact they do not have them in stock. Anyone know the reason why CI has old boxes with counts of 25 and new boxes with counts of 30 and why famous has boxes with 26 count. Anyone know the reason for this?

I am petty sure I'm going to buy the 2000's purely because I am buying other boxes and want to make it a little cheaper and I like the standard robusto size of 5x50.

One last personal question anyone know where there is a good deal on them, that have them in stock? I doubt it I checked the devil site and they only have some anniversary's which I would love but I would also like to eat so ya know how it is. Thanks for all your opinions guys.

Anyone else like Brazilian Mata Fina? I have yet to really enjoy it except for in the Dona Flor's I've had which I Love, (I bring this up because I am smoking one right now and its Great!) anyone know a good cigar that uses it well, that may also be low in price. In my eyes a god cigar means its a all around good cigar without a lot of spice and nice flavor with a loose draw but still well packed, well rolled not sparsely rolled for the draw. (I am sure you all know what I mean the only thing is I am not a fan of a lot of spice at all. Frankly I don't Understand why it is desired at all but I wont get into that debate at all. I say some are too spicy some say mine are too mild so. To all his own and that is that.) Besides that any suggestions no matter the price I can always buy a single somewhere if they cost a lot as Dona Flor's are 10 dollar cigars.

I don't want too but I may fall back on RP Sungrown as they are one of my favorites and CI has a "OSG" Feeble of 10 Torps in a Small Humi. Should I take them up on this deal? 30 sungrowns for a little over $100?
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More cigars Sanchez!
Partagas PC Esp.
Partagas Mille Fluer
Partags Super Partagas
Diplo #5
PL Monte's and Panetellas
RyJ Coronitas
Padron 2000 and Londres
REO's via cbid


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Hands down one of my new favourites is - Sancho Panza Double Maduro Lancero...I picked up a box in Lewiston, NY for under $60 at Smokin' Joes. Second to this for the price point would be the Rocky Patel Edge Maduro...split on a box of 100 with member "Bea"r and another BOTL and the box was apprx $325 for the 100. Both cigars have rich smoke and burn consistently and are packed full of flavour. Now here in Oakville, Ontario, Canada these two sticks would likely run $18 to $22 a piece, if you can find them..This in itself can be extremely difficult due to the popularity of Habanos brands and the lack of experience of smokin non-cubans by a large sum of Canadian non CS members and the cross border hype from our friends in the US to smoke Cubans.


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No kidding :) If I could find a JDN alt that was any good for a buck I would be a happy guy. How do they differ from the brand itself ? Good off the truck?
The TNT alt has no where near the spice and kick as the real deal, but....They are not bad at all.

They have some spice in the beginning, and good flavors all the way through. $25 for 25 corona w/ free s/h, you can't beat it. They need rest time, TNT stuff tends to be pretty moist when they arrive.

PL ...... Panetellas
You don't hear these mentioned much, or at least I haven't noticed. But besides a few tight ones, I have really enjoyed them.

I could be adding PLPC's to the list, I'll know soon..:)
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Maria Mancini for me, either the Magic Mountain or the Robusto. A little hard to find but a great little stick.


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Some of the sticks mentioned are quite good, but I've seen quite a few that are significantly higher than $4.

So I'l solidly police my own list:

Gispert (any size)
5 Vegas Series A (depending on the bids that day)
5 Vegas Gold (ditto the above)
Oliva Serie O (a good number of these can be had under $4)
Oliva Serie O Maduro
PLPC's (This might be tough to find at that price but if you find em, buy em)
ERDM Choix Supreme (ditto the above)
I may sound dumb for this but what are PLPC's? i know someone made a list of abbreviations and what they mean for cigar names but I can't find the thread if someone can link that too i would appreciate it and you guys are great you all listed a lotta smokes and it makes me think that Padron's and Olivia's are the boards favorite smokes.


i just had an Oliva G , not to long ago and i really didnt like it. i must of done something wrong lighting it, because i see lots of you like it. i might have to give it another try. i still have an "O serie" waiting in the baby humidor.


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I'm a big fan of some of the 'unbanded and bundled' Rocky Patels from Famous and CI. The RP Vintage Seconds from CI kick a** and are under $3 a stick for most sizes. They are also constantly on C-Bid, so there's always a deal going.

I also love the 'Rocky Patel Factory Selects' from Famous. Really nice sungrowns and robustos are about $47 shipped for a bundle of 20. I'm flying through a bundle of these and I'll soon be ordering another. I'll also be trying some of the other sticks in the line (e.g. maduro, corojo).



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Rafael Gonzalez Panatelas extras.
I have a feeling after mokis/floydpinks thread alotta people will be saying af 858s