White Marsh - Red Brick Station


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Red Brick Station
8149 HoneyGo Blvd
White Marsh, MD 21236

Red Brick Station located in the Avenue at White Marsh is cigar friendly. I have smoked there many times and on any given day you will see several others smoking as well. The microbrews are also pretty good.
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As a follow up to RBS.. As you know by now, Martinez O'Malley and his band of liberal do-gooders have banned smoking in bars, "for the good of the employees":hn

At Red Brick, cigar smokers are welcome on the outside patio as there are tables reserved for smokers. So Cigar people, Welcome and enjoy your sticks.:tu


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I love Red Brick! Their IPA and red are fantastic. Nothing beats a great cigar on a cool night out on their patio with a pint of microbrew!:tu

Mark C

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Been forever since I was down there, good to know they've got a patio, might need to setup a herf again!