Worcester - Victory Cigar Bar

El Gato

Fantastic place within walking distance of some fantastic restaurants.
Perfect for a smoke after a nice dinner. Excellent ventilation system so non-smokers won't mind stopping in for a nightcap. They post a "lighting fee" for bring your own cigars, but have never seen it enforced. Buy a cigar, they need to show the state of Mass. that the majority of their sales is tobacco so they can allow smoking.
Enjoy a very nice place.


Stogie Kanobie One, I'll have to meet you there next time I visit my family in MA. My mother lives in Upton (short drive)


i live about 10 minutes from there (northboro for anyone who knows central mass), i'll havta check it out. too bad i go to school in virginia...



Ezekiel 25:17
IMO very nice place, gets kinda of a yuppish crowd, but the the owner is a real pr!ck, so i won't go or spend a dollar there :2