Worst Cigar Ever


Young Chimp
Domino Park had to be the worst cigar ever manufactured during the boom. I'd rather smoke a box of Papayos!


Young Ape
I don't like any of the Te-Amo cigars that I've ever tried. Just a terrible after taste....

Also, one of the worst was when I went to Greece, and I could not find decent cigars there, so I bought a box of Villiger.... and all I can say is YUK....


That thing was like sticking a match to a hay bale that had a turd in the middle of it.
Now that conjures up some images.

The worst I ever had was a brand called Carbon Copy. It's a cheap Dominican that one of the local B&Ms carries. The makers have taken the basic design of the Cuban Cohiba band (same layout and colors, minus the foil embossing). I suppose that the Cohiba is what it is supposed to be a copy of. It's the only cigar I can ever recall tossing after smoking about an inch of it (and this was a Churchill). I would have gotten better taste smoking my lawn clippings. It was vile.
I guess the bandwagon is a fun place to be.
Pretty sure you have not tried all patels or gurkhas. They both make some bad and some pretty decent sticks.


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I smoked a cigar with the word Pranbanan on the label.
I had went to the Romian compound here on COB Adder one night. I was asked by the guy that was the Commander so I went. Well he knew I like cigars so when I get there he comes out with two of these things in his hand. He hands me one and we go to start firing them up he tells me they are his favorite cigars he has ever had. It didn't smell bad kinda sweet but not bad. I toast the end and start smelling the foulness that was coming off these things. I was brave and took my first draw..... BIG MISTAKE. It was what I think licking the inside of a port-a-jon after someone threw up cottoncandy in would be like. I smoked it for international peace until we actually went inside of a building and was able to put it down.
Just so you know even the Kuba Kuba was great compared to this thing.


Young Ape
I've only been smoking for a couple of months, but so far the only cigar I haven't been willing to finish was a Casa Torano Maduro, bleh. I've had other maduros that I enjoyed, but that one didn't set too well with me, had to put it down before the first inch was done.


Young Ape
Montague was the worst ever cigar i have ever had. I cant even describe its taste. Almost like a hot dirt and stale mushroom taste, if you can imagine that!


Young Ape
Mine was a Don Tomas Robusto. It was absolutely terrible, taste and smell. I came inside after suffering through 1/2 of it and my wife wanted to know if I'd been burning old newspapers + something else. I had to take a shower, bruch my teeth and gargle with Listerine, and that still didn't get rid of the aftertaste and it was also stuck in my sinuses.




Lowland Gorilla
A year or so ago I bought 2 Lone Wolf cigars for a fishing trip. Smoked one about half way, hated it, and threw it in the water. I think it killed some fish too. The second one is still in my coolerdor, but I really ought to just throw it away. It's that bad.
Same here. The Lone Wolf store in Santa Monica Ca. is always pushing them, talking them up, even giving them away.

My thinking is, if you're going to have a house brand, make it something good, not something that tastes like dry leaves from the gutter...


Young Ape
A friend of mine bought a couple fake Cohibas from a beachfront liqour store near Santa Cruz. The label actually said "Cobiba"!!
Now that was some funky funky stuff!
It tasted like horsehair and roadkill wrapped in used toilet paper.

Don't ask me why the hell we actually smoked those things to begin with. I guess with the campfire on the beach, the moment just screamed for a stog.

Needless to say. That one landed in the campfire soon after the first or second puff.


Young Ape
worst cigar (if youd even call it that) was a grape phillie. worst REAL cigar was an alec bradley special something or other. just a strong, static taste of paper smoke.


PSHC - Vandy's B*tch
My worst was a Windex-infused Cohibo Esplindida (I'm sure that's what the glass top box must have said) that a neighbor brought me from the Bahamas..

"Ted, I snuck this through customs and was really really really nervous... Please light it up so I can see you enjoy it"

I could tell it was a fauxiba from the start, but I didn't wanna look ungrateful.

Mmmmm, the ammonia... WTF? Is that banana peel? mmmmmmmmmm

Thankfully, he left in the first third of the cigar. It hit the fireplace immediately!


Its ok, just blame me.
Kind of a toss up between a Cremosa, a Mocambo, and Peach Swisher. Then again, the Guantanamera Cristales tasted like....well....hawaiian poi. :r