Xikar multi tool or Palio??


cigar school graduate
I have a Xikar cutter which I love, but want to have a backup and have been eyeballing the Xikar multi tool.

I am torn between this and a Palio and am sure that opinions will vary, but wanted to get an idea.


Just a Pisser
I have an Xikar cutter and a Palio, only time I use the Xikar anymore is when I have left the Palio in another room.


Elder Jungle Leader
The multi-tool is cool if you need the extra gadgets. Also if you like to play with your stick before you light it up, the Xikar scissors allow you to trip up the cap to your hearts delight. But as far as a cutter goes, the Palio is superior. :tu


The Grumpy Old Troll
I love my Multi-tool and carry it every where I go. The tools are a nice addition with a lil blade (helps remove the band) and a poker (helps with a plugged cigar)...



cigar school graduate
Mark (Cigarmony) has a Father's Day special, so I am trying to decide between the 2.

I trust his judgement and he likes the Palio better.

I do like the tools and warranty on the Xikar, which is making the decision harder.


Lowland Gorilla
Both if you have the money. The multi tool will not self sharpen like the xi's, however I do like the feel of scissors versus the xi or the palio. The down side is that my fingers are on the big side and sometimes it's uncomfortable. Both are lifetime warranties. It's just preference. The multi tool is small and compact and you can leave it on a key ring and it's a scissor, the palio is a guilltoine.


Young Ape
My biased opinion: the MTX multi-tool has a few extras that really come in handy if you are out and don't want to carry multiple items:

-cigar poker / lighter bleeder (to increase draw on your cigar or empty a butane lighter...very important to empty first when refueling butane lighters)

-cigar box opener (don't break your fingernails getting into that new box of sticks!)

-screwdriver (tighten sunglasses on vacation, for instance)

-bottle opener (self explanatory!!)

The MTX only weighs 1 ounce too! I keep mine on a keychain.


Tatuaje Whore
I always use my Palio first. Yet, my Xikar multi-tool is on my keychain so I always have a back up.

Now if they could have a blazer pb-207-micro-keychain-edition... I'd be the MacGyver of the Herfin world!!!

Mr. Doug

+1 for the Palio.

I've got DOZENS of cutters, and wish I'd bought one earlier in my smoking career. IT's nothing short of the perfect cutter. (IMHO)


Just for a little clarification, the premise Pete proposed was that he really likes his Xikar Xi but wanted a "back up" cutter.

I agree that the MTX tool is VERY handy indeed and have one on my key chain. (They are tiny when folded).

The cutter is really good but was asked which cut was better. IMHO, the Palio cut is better than the cut on the MTX tool. But by design, they are two completely different tools so it makes it tough.

I hope this helps



Young Chimp
Palio holds it edge longer than any other cutter out there, but for a scissor cut I prefer my Swiss Army Knife over the Multi-Tool. SAK cuts clean, while the MT tends to crush and then cut some of the time. Depends on the firmness of the stick. I carry a MT all the time along with a punch (prefered method). The SAK is to bulky and heavy in the pocket to carry most times.


Young Ape
I haven't ever used a palio, but I have the multitool and like it. I carry it on my keychain so that I always have it near. It did take a little getting used to, because if you cut a little too far down, it does seem to damage the cap more than a cut with the XI would. But if you just snip the top with a quick cut, it does a nice job. And the poker on there has saved a couple sticks for me that would have otherwise been plugged.