You favorite cigar moments picture thread.


My sister enjoying her first cigar and me with a righteous nicotine buzz. HT custom 40s yo.

Tim smoking one of his son's bunches. That kid likes to use ligero, each was all of 3.5" x 40 and knocked us all on our asses.

Happy pill and a cigar Tim found left me in this state.

Some of the guys chillin' the AZ Rep was doing an article.

The last AZ herf.



cigar school graduate
This was a few days ago outside my hotel at the beach bar before the sunset. Can't remember the cigar, but will never forget the moment....




Celebrating my friend's daughter's birth with a 17 year old culebra from Habanos Torres.

My friend came down to visit from Las Vegas. We're testing the new Habanos Torres facility before it opens.

Labor Day weekend I went down to Tucson with my sister. I was smoking a Tatuaje Petite and she was smoking an ISOM RyJ Cedros de Luxe No. 3.