Your humidor vs B&M's...

Which would you prefer?

  • B&M

    Votes: 26 31.7%
  • Personal Collection

    Votes: 56 68.3%

  • Total voters


cigar school graduate
Pre-slope --> B&M Humi.
Post-slope --> my own Humi.
Nirvana --> Fidels Humi.

Might be empty, although there must be plenty for when Chavez and other heads of State visit.

I read somewhere that he quit smoking a while ago for medical reasons.

Is he still alive?:ss

I'd take Coronas inventory over my own. Once I got done with the preembargo Cubans, I'd go to the Fuentes, then the Padrons, then pop open Robert Earl of Planet Hollywood's personal locker as i hear he likes Cuban cigars.

If nobody minded, I'd also pour some port and make a Cuban sandwich at the bar, then grab one of the CA mags and take a poop in Jeff, the owners, office.


I'd vote mine.

Between my display, cooler and vino I have 90% of what I'd want to smoke in a given day.

As far as the B&M goes, I stop in regularly just b/c it's fun to pick out a stick in a full selection.

I will never smoke another cigar straight out of a B&M huni just b/c 99% of the time they are too wet for my taste.


I went with the B&M. The only way I would have picked my own is if I had a big stash of CC's, but since I have like 2 and only a few other good cigars that they don't carry, and they have an almost endless supply of PAM's and VSG's and Litto Gomez's, it was a pretty easy choice for me. It also always seems to be at a good RH. Haha and if this counts the boxes that some customers store there it'd probably be a super no-brainer.