Zino Acrylic Humidors


Anyone have or use one. I am looking for a humidor for the office that will need very little work to keep it going. I am thinking this may be the trick being humidity wouldn't excape and not need chargeing to often. I know this wont help them age so let me know..


I've never used one, but think they look pretty cool. I think the downside would be if there's no cedar in it or if it's not relatively full of tasty smokes, the RH would fluctuate a lot because the acrylic obviously wouldn't absorb moisture to help maintain the internal environment.


I'm starting to prefer Acrylic after my experiences with the dry air in my apartment causing wooden humis to go nuts (I have to charge my humidifers every four days! Once I get the coin for it, I'm getting a room humidifier to end this madness...or is it to end this Sparta...I don't know anymore...).

The thing with acrylic, if it's airtight, you need to run a humidifer that's about 30% smaller than the capacity of the humi. Running too large a humidifier in a jar humidor taught me that...even a 25 cigar credo was getting me up to 80%RH with glycol....but a 10-15 cigar humi-care pillow got me at a perfect 70-71%.

So give it a go, but if the humidity is high, try a smaller humidifier.