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Cigar Review Database

We had a cool database of cigars at Top25Cigar, it had tons of reviews, and was generally kept up to date.  We are looking for the same here.  Public cigar reviews from a site that does not take advertising from the manufacturers.  Click here to go to the Cigar Review DB.

Fun with Lists!

Everybody loves a good list!  Did you ever wonder what another user has in their humidor, maybe what are their favorite cigars, their least favorite, heck maybe even their cigar bucket list?  CigarReviews.com gives you the chance to have a little fun and create your own “Book of Lists”.  More information is available in our F A Q (Including using them as an online humidor!)


“Discuss amongst yourself” to quote a famous SNL skit.  Pretty straight forward forums.  Top behavior expected though.  If you are a cigar veteran that needs to respond with an asshat answer to someone asking you (for the 100th time) if they should keep the cellophane on or off when storing a cigar, not the place for you.  Let’s keep it light, informative,  respectful, and fun.  Kinda like Club Stogie was…although that’s a pretty big request.