Deciding to have a little fun, and augment the cigar collection, we thought it would be interesting to place an order with two different online cigar vendors, and compare and contrast their performance.  The goal here was not to pit anyone against each other as much as it is to share our experience.  It is important to note that during the current COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing challenges far more important than shipping some cigars, so take this with a heavy grain of salt.

Day 1 (Monday) – Two orders were placed, 1 each with (IH), and 1 with (COH).  Both orders included product stated to be in stock on their respective websites.  Confirmation emails came immediately from both.  Off and running.

Day 2 (Tuesday) – OK, so maybe I am a bit over anxious that I expected something today.  Maybe a shipping confirmation with a tracking number?  But really, that’s ok, I’m just excited.  I kind of imagine them taking their time finding me the best box on the shelf.  We “cigar people” are kind of funny that way.

Day 3 – (Wednesday)  Nothing yet, no shipment confirmation of acknowledgement beyond the initial order confirmations.

Day 4 – (Thursday) – Boom, the first shipping tracking number came through from IH!  Still waiting on COH, but we got time.

Day 5 – Day 5 provided the first curve ball!  Many of you reading this may have known this, news to me.  I received the second shipping confirmation, from COH, and surprise, it came from IH but for the COH order.

So that tells my limited IQ that they are either the same company, or IH is doing fulfillment for COH.  I will do a little bit of research, but it kind of defeats the purpose for our fun little race.

Quick searches showed me that COH claims they fulfill from Habanos distributors through out the world, so perhaps they used IH for this order.  Hmmm.  Curious to your feedback in the comments section.

Day 8 – I received an email today from COH telling me my order had shipped.  For the COH order here is our lineup:

  • Order from COH.
  • Get confirmation from COH.
  • Get shipping confirmation of COH order from IH. (Along with confirmation on the original IH order in a separate email).

Let’s wait and see what the packaging looks like when they arrive, that should go a long way to solving the little mystery.


Day 18 – Hooray, notification was received that our orders have hit the country!  Usually once we get to this point, delivery is within a few days.


So how do are two orders compare?  As mentioned earlier, the orders were placed with two different vendors, but both look to have been fulfilled by IH.  This seems to have been the case, as both orders hit the country 1 minute apart, telling me that they were almost surely shipped form the same place.  We fill find out once they arrive!


Day 19 – Nothing new today, except for that gnawing feeling that everybody knew these were the same companies but me.  Not saying they are…just saying.  Here are the two orders details from crossing into Chicago.